Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6th Street Past

Years ago I got my haircuts over on the East side of Austin, Texas. Back then you didn't have too many hipsters. I've been here since 1990 so I have gone through phases in Austin. We have always had hipsters, now we just have more. When I roamed 6th street with my camera I found this guy in the foreground and the "King of 6th Street" in the background. Turns out that the foreground guy was a former professor at Huston Tillotson who had turned to drugs to resolve a heartbreak. I don't know what happened to either person as I rarely frequent 6th Street anymore. I have painted both many times. I first knew of the foreground character's history when I was getting my hair cut. He came into the barber shop and they had to kick him out. When he left they told me his story. I had also encountered him earlier the same day on the bus to the barbershop. That was my clue that I should paint him and I have many times.

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