Saturday, September 29, 2018

Before Day

The sky fascinates me with its handiwork daily. I took the photo for this painting in my gym parking lot. It was early morning and the sky was about to sing. I worked on Uart 600 grit paper with variety of pastels. Painting the sky, in my opinion, is largely about nuance as opposed to bold hard strokes.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Flowers In The Fog

This years birthday trip to Fort Bragg, California was a success and challenge in many ways. We had a beautiful place to stay that overlooked the ocean and we decided to step out of the box with our dining habits. I did a ton of sketching and photographing. This sketch is of the flowers that grow along the beach and the ocean in the background. Fog was setting in but the flowers were still crisp.
Since I don't drive well on curvy roads, I get to be the passenger. I sketch the road as we go along. As I was drawing this one Pam asked me if I ever got car sick. This is a double page spread in my Rabisco sketchbook from Portugal. I almost finished this sketchbook during our trip. The paper is top quality and its perfect for sketching.