Saturday, September 28, 2019

Convict Lake

We spent an afternoon at one of Pam's favorite places in the Eastern Sierras. Convict Lake was absolutely beautiful. Pam got in some fly fishing while I sketched and took photos. This sketch was done in my Garza Papel sketchbook. The paper is very soft and is great for fountain pen sketching. The water was crystal clear. The surrounding mountains were a visual feast.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Rain Over Mono Lake

I completed the underlying sketch and added watercolor later. We were at the visitor's center which was right next to the lake. I was attracted to the lines created in the sky from rain in the distance. Mono Lake is a saline lake that does not contain fish. It also has limestone formations called tufas. The island in the center of the painting is called Negit Island.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sierras Car Sketch

This years birthday trip was to the Eastern Sierras. We spent three days in the town of Lee Vining, California. The town has a population of about 450 people. Mono Lake is located there and tourism is a big part of the town's income. In order to get there we had to go through Yosemite National Park. The landscape in and around the park was jaw dropping. I had three sketchbooks and loose sheets of Khadi watercolor paper to work with. I did some sketching while Pam drove (thank you Pam). This image is from my new Etchr sketchbook. I chose the hot press version because of the ease of sketching in pen. I was inspired by the different trees and the character of the rock formations.