Monday, June 23, 2008

The pace of Progress

This is a larger version of some of the combined images. This is a watercolor 18 by 24. Still plaing with the color scheme.
This is the pastel painting associated with the small oil study posted below. Still working on it. Will let you know when its finished.

The title for this piece is Assessing. It is a sketch of a death penalty defendant as he first enters the courtroom. $50.00 unframed.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Building on Whats Been Done Before

In my previous post, I showed the initial study for dress rehearsal. This is the larger watercolor painting in progress.
This piece is called "On Your Mark" Oil on panel 14 by 11 inches $300.00.

This is part of the series of paintings based upon combining previous paintings/drawings completed with the Austin Figurative Gallery painters. Oil on birch panel, 12 by 12 inches $225.00

Friday, June 6, 2008

Studies for paintings in progress

"Dress Rehearsal" 6 by 6 inches, oil on panel $75.00 unframed. I'm currently working on a large watercolor of this study. In reviewing this picture before posting, I realized that I have to darken the value of the background. I was in downtown San Francisco and a look up revealed these dresses on display.
This one is called "Men at Work". I'm currently working on a larger version in pastel. This was shot in San Francisco, California. I like painting random scenes. What is not here is the steam coming from the ground. The larger version has the steam. 6 by 6 inches, oil on panel, $75.00 unframed.

Whenever we go to Point Reyes in Northern California I end up photographing the dairy cows. Being from Texas it always amazes me that one can raise cattle near the ocean. This is 7 by 5 inches, oil on panel, $75.00 unframed. I'm contemplating a larger pastel painting of this scene.