Monday, April 28, 2008

I titled this one Back Stab. Pastel on paper 10 by 13 inches $200.00.
This one is Yellow Cloth. Oil on panel 11 by 14 inches $225.00. I think the midsection works well.

This one is called Turbulent Times. I did work on it after the initial pose. I think it works with the water. The water gives one the impression that it is in control of the woman. 14 by 17 inches and done in soft pastel. For sale for $225.00 unframed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The watercolor version. This was the first in the series. 9 by 12 inches $125.00 unframed.
This was an erase painting. I started out with charcoal smugged all over the paper. I then erased the outlines of the model and painted the details in conte crayon. Pastel $175.00 unframed 10 by 13 inches

This was the first in the paintings of the model at rest. It will be revisited. Watercolor 12 by 9 inches. $125.00 unframed. I may work on this one a bit more. If you like it as is say so.

This was painted on black paper. I like speckles of color and painting on black gives me that effect. This was one of three pieces done during a 15 min pose. 9 by 12 inches $125.00 unframed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Extending the original inspiration

This painting was started in studio with a live model and finished about 8 months later from memory.

I liked the way the watercolor flowed in this one. I was playing with values and of course attempting to get the entire image on the paper. Alas, that was not accomplished.

The mood projected in this painting is tender. The intent was to project vulnerability.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This piece was started during one of our sessions with Lee. Finished it recently in oil. The green
background gives it a little bounce. For sale $250.00.

Even though it doesnt appear that way, this model was very thin and elegant.

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