Monday, April 14, 2014

Bench Conference

This painting was inspired by a photo that I took of my Aunt Mary Lou and Cousin Brenda during a family reunion weekend. It was a weekend long celebration of food, music, games, dancing and even church for those who wanted to attend. I have always been a photog at these events. My cameras are better now and the subject matter is even richer as we age. I did an underpainting in watercolor utilizing the color complements of the eventual top layer in pastel.
Yesterday Pam and I went over to visit the Austin Botanical Gardens like everyone else in the city. We had to do remote parking because the parking lot was full. Once inside it was beautiful with the first good blooms of spring. I enjoyed the poppies and the different greens. While there a wedding happened on the grounds. I had a medium sized piece of watercolor paper with me and made a quick sketch of the wedding with a water soluble graphite pencil. I laid down some dark greens while on site and finished it up at home. I'm thinking of adding pastel to the images of the bride and groom to make them stand out.

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