Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jesus Coming Soon

I was on my way home from work on Barton Springs Road and this guy was standing on the median holding this sign. Of course I had my camera and snagged a shot before the light changes. It was a cold brisk day but this guy was bound and determined to get his point across.

Jesus Coming Soon
12" x 9" (30.5cm x 22.9cm)
Watercolor on Arches paper
$150 plus $9 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.


Susan Abston Wiley said...

This is a fun one, Donna- doncha' just love Austin??? Nice handling of the watercolor! Thanks for the comment on my latest painting, too. See you at the APS party in two weeks?

Donna Crosby said...

Thanks Sue I almost want to do another looser version of this one. I will try and make the party. Lots of stuff coming up...the 12buy12 show, AVAA awards event...its all good.